People working at part-time teller jobs can help them achieve their goals. Regardless of if they are going to school or trying to keep their school age children out of daycare, working at a part time teller job can help. Banks offer flexible schedules to their part time tellers which allows them to go to school or to be home by early afternoon, in time to care for their school age children. For a part time job (working less than 19 hours a week), the hourly wage is considered very good at $12-18 an hour depending of course on experience.

Part time tellers play an important role at the bank, filling in during the high traffic days like Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, the first, third, fifteenth, and the day after a three day weekend. They also fill in mid-day when full time staff is away during lunch hours as well as providing coverage when full time staff is away on vacation.

Benefits For Part Time Tellers

Typically employees working less then 19 hours a week and are not eligible for benefits. This is something to consider when thinking about going back to work. Note: Your earnings are higher to offset the lack of benefits.

If benefits are something that you need, you may be lucky enough to find a bank teller job that is both part time and has benefits. This will be a part time job with a work schedule of something more than 19 hours and less than 40 hours per week. Note: You will be paid less in a benefitted position then you will in a non-benefitted position. You can reasonably expect to earn anywhere in the range of $10-18 an hour, again depending on experience and the market you will be working in. Areas where there is a higher cost of living will pay more than areas where the cost of living is low.

Working on Saturday

Working on Saturday can benefit both you and the bank. If you are a student, you can attend classes during the week and work on Saturday since classes arenít typically offered on Saturday. This allows the full time staff a well deserved day off and gives you an opportunity to earn a little money. Banks typically are open a reduced schedule on Saturday-typically 9AM-1PM or 10AM-2PM which still allows you time to take care of other things typically reserved for the weekend in addition to spending time with your family. Employees working at part time teller jobs allows them to balance work, school and family life.

If you have small children that would typically be in daycare and you have a spouse that works a traditional work schedule of Monday through Friday, working on Saturday as a part time teller makes sense. Your spouse can take over the duties of caring for your children while you work on Saturday-a day that they typically have off. You would then save the money that you would normally spend on daycare-thus working on Saturday makes good financial sense for you and your family.

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