When going to a job interview, there are several critical things you should do to impress the interviewer and let them know you are a serious candidate. These interview tips might sound insignificant, but they can make a big difference.

Don't Be Late!!

Want to know how to impress the interviewer? Donít be late to the interview!! The day before the interview, do a test run so you know exactly where you will be going, how long it takes to get there and where parking is. This will alleviate some of the stress on the day of the interview. You should allow an extra fifteen to twenty minutes (or longer depending on the size of the city, traffic, availability of parking, etc). Being late to the interview sends the message to the potential employer that you arenít dependable. It is difficult to sell your strengths as being punctual and reliable when you have already proven to the interviewer that you arenít by being late. There are a lot of things that you canít control, but being on time and dressing professionally for the interview are things you can control. Do what you can to put your best foot forward on and you will impress the interviewer and be on your way to getting a job offer.

The Handshake

In the professional world, a handshake is the accepted greeting as well as the accepted way to say goodbye. This is true not only for two men in a professional setting, but also for two women and a woman and a man. If skaking hands isnít something you have done very much of, it should be practiced. Extend you hand, grasp the other persons hand and give a slightly firm handshake; never a bear grip which could be uncomfortable to the other person. An overly firm handshake infers aggression, to light handshake infers wimpyness, so you want to be somewhere in between. Have someone shake your hand and have them use various levels of firmness. The on that feels the best to you is probably the appropriate firmness to use in a business setting.


Smile, be happy, friendly and enthusiastic! Doesnít it make sense that a bank would want to hire a happy, friendly and enthusiastic person? If it isnít in your personality to genuinely be happy, friendly and enthusiastic, then this probably isnít the job for you and you are wasting both the interviewers and your time.

Donít Sweat It!

It is normal to be nervous for your interview, especially if you havenít done much interviewing. Take several deep breaths, letting your breath out slowly. This has a clamming effect on your body. Speaking of sweat, today is not the day to forget to wear your deodorant!

If you are nervous, you will probably have sweaty hands. Keep a cotton handkerchief in your pocket to hold and absorb moisture prior to shaking the interviewer's hand. Another tip-apply a little talcum or baby powder to your hands prior to the interview (being careful not to get any on your dark clothes).

Cell Phones

Ugh! Turn your cell phone off during your bank teller interview. Yes, off! Off doesnít mean leave it on vibrate. The last thing you want is to be interrupted with your cell phone ringing or vibrating during your interview with a call or a text. It shows the interviewer that you are not serious about the job and the interview!

The Receptionist

When you go to an interview, be polite, nice and friendly to everyone you meet, especially the receptionist. The receptionist is the eyes and ears for the interviewer and will most likely share their impressions of you with them. What they say could have an impact on whether or not you get the job, so be polite, nice and friendly to the receptionist!


If you are a smoker, don't smoke in front of the building where the interview will be held. It doesn't look professional and you never know, the interviewer's office may be on the other side of the window watching your every move. Not only that, you dont want to walk into an interview smelling like smoke. If the interviewer is an avid non-smoker, they may unfairly discount what you can offer their company!

Impress the interviewer by putting these bank teller interview tips into practice. This will let the interviewer know you are a serious candidate and could help you secure a bank teller job!

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