Your bank teller resume is ďyouĒ put on paper.  Take the time and make the effort to do a thorough job so you are hired for your desired bank teller job.  Remember, your bank teller resume is advertising you.  It needs to impress the hiring manager enough to put your resume at the top of the stack; ensuring you get an interview and more importantly the desired job!

Writing An Objective For A Bank Teller Resume

Typically, you would start your teller resume with an objective.  What you are looking for.

Write one or two sentences about the position you are hoping to be hired for.  This will probably be the most difficult part of writing your resume so take your time and really think about it.  It will be the first thing the hiring manager sees and gives the first impression about you.  Once you have this nailed down, the rest should be easy!

Example: Seeking a teller job that will allow me to fully utilize my customer service, organizational and problem solving skills that will optimize the bank's profitability.

Talk About Your Work Experience

List the previous jobs that you have held (most recent first).  Include the name of the company that you worked for, the city where you worked, the dates you were employed and your job duties.  Describe your duties using action verbs to describe what you did in this position.  Some examples might be:

Balanced cash register on a daily basis

Assisted manager in researching outages for cashiers from day shift

Developed an action plan that reduced cash outages by 17% which was implemented company wide

As tempting as it might be, donít lie about your experience or accomplishments on your bank teller resume.  Assume that everything you have stated will be verified by the Human Resources department.  A certain amount of embellishment is anticipated by the potential employer, but keep in mind that a little white lie could cost you your shot at your desired job and could label you as undesirable and potentially prevent this company from ever considering you for another bank job.

Talk About Your Education

Indicate your degree and the school you attended.  I do not recommend indicating the date of graduation.  You donít want your prospective employer to be bias against you before they meet you because of your age (to old or to young).  They will get an idea of your age when they sit down and talk to you at the job interview.

Talk About Your Extra Curricular Activities

Let your prospective employer know about your activities outside of work.  Employers like well rounded employees.  Be careful not to include any affiliations or outside activities that might bias the employer against you.

References For Your Bank Teller Resume

Make sure that you have references available to provide to your prospective employer.  There is no need to include them on the resume, but it is a good idea to indicate that they are available on request.  Do not assume that a former boss is agreeable to being a reference.  Do not list them as a reference until you have spoken with them and received their permission to do so.  Do not assume they are going to give you a glowing recommendation.  Ask them in advance what kind of a recommendation they will give to your prospective new employer.  You donít want to have any surprises!

The Finished Bank Teller Resume

When you have completed your bank teller resume, have it reviewed by as many people as you can.  It is amazing what spelling and grammatical errors can be easily missed by the writer.  Having other people review your resume and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement can only enhance your resume.  Keep an open mind to all the suggestions that are made, then carefully consider them and make the improvements that make sense to you.  The goal is to create a bank teller resume that stands out over and above all others, ensuring you will be called for an interview. This goal is sure to be achieved with a well written resume.  Having an opportunity for a one on one interview allows you to impress the prospective employer in person so they will hire you for the job.  A poorly written resume filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes will guarantee that you never have this opportunity.

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