There is a long list of bank teller responsibilities, but you need to remember that they are there to protect you, the teller, as well as the financial institution you work for. Pay attention to what you are doing at all times and keep in mind that there are bad guys on the lookout for unsuspecting tellers they can take advantage of.

It only takes a moment of carelessness and BAM a loss is taken. Financial institutions hate taking losses because losses come directly out of their profits. Be knowledgeable of your bank teller responsibilities and adhere to the policies and procedures of the financial institution you work for and you will minimize losses.


To begin with, it is important to be conscientious of your cash. Never walk away from cash or your cash drawer without locking it up and taking your keys with you. Tellers are 100% responsible for their cash! It is also important to be accurate when running transactions and disbursing cash. Doing so will ensure you balance at the end of the day.


You are responsible for the keys that are assigned to you. It is important that you keep them with you at all times. Many things in a branch are double custody, meaning that it takes two employees to access. If someone else has access to your keys, they may be able to access something by themselves and commit fraud. Temptation is a terrible thing. Protect yourself, your coworkers and your company from allowing something to happen that you have control over. Keep your keys with you at all times!


An important bank teller responsibility is to be alert to a bank robbery. If you are involved in one, follow the bank robbers instructions but give them as little money as you can, keeping yourself and others safe.

Counterfeit Currency

When a customer presents counterfeit currency, you need to confiscate it (despite the customers screaming and yelling) and complete the appropriate government form and then send the currency and the form to the government.

Currency Transaction Reporting

When a customer deposits or requests a cash withdrawal in excess of $10,000, it is a tellers responsibility to complete a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) and send it to the government for monitoring.

Deposit Agreement and Disclosure

Every financial institution publishes a Deposit Agreement and Disclosure and provides it to their customers when they open a new account. It is one of the bank teller's responsibilities to review and understand this disclosure. There is a lot of information in this disclosure. It talks about things like right of offset, time frames for placing holds, returned items, third party endorsements, what happens to unclaimed property, how interest is calculated and much, much more. You will be more able to assist your customers if you know and understand the Deposit Agreement and Disclosure of the financial institution you work for.


It is your responsibility as a bank teller to know, understand and adhere to the financial institutionsí identification policy. Doing so will help prevent you from taking a loss. Donít ever be afraid to check with your supervisor if someone presents suspicious looking identification. Never releabse money to a customer until their identity has been confirmed.

Policies and Procedures

Every financial institution has policies and procedures they expect their staff to adhere to. The financial institutionís policies and procedures are there to protect their staff from doing something which might cause a loss. Failing to follow the policies and procedures could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Be a responsible bank teller and adhere to your company's policies and procedures.

Bank Courses

From time to time additional training is made available to bank staff. Taking some banking courses will strengthen your banking knowledge and make you a more valuable employee. It is the employees that push themselves, take additional courses and go the extra mile for their employer that are the employees the financial institution sees as valuable and worthy of a promotion.

These are just a few of the many bank teller responsibilities. Donít let them intimidate you. You have your teammates and manager there to support and help you. It wonít be easy at first, but it gets easier with time. If this is the career path you choose and can commit to, becoming a bank teller will be a great job to start you in your career in banking!

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