There are a number of minimum bank teller qualifications that you need to meet if you want to become a teller (also known as a bank cashier or bank clerk).  Having cash handling experience, customer service experience, good communication skills, being dependable, being efficient, having a positive attitude, being a high school graduate or having your GED, being able to pass a routine drug screening test and being bondable are a few of the key bank teller qualifications that will put you ahead of other applicants.

Cash Handling Experience Is A Plus

High on the list of teller qualifications is to have cash handling experience. Your potential employer will want you to have at least six months of cash handling experience with a high accuracy rate before they will consider you for a teller job.  As a teller, you will be dealing with large amounts of other people’s money and accuracy is very important. If you have poor cash handling skills you will not last long in the position.

Customer Service Experience

Another teller qualification is to have at least six months of customer service experience.  As a teller, you will be dealing with people from all walks of life from every socio-economic level.  You need to be able to communicate with your customers, show empathy, compassion, care and concern.  It is also important to build trust and rapport with your customers so they are comfortable talking with you about their financial needs.  Don't forget, you will most likely have have sales goals.  Having customers that are comfortable talking to you about their financial needs will allow you to meet or exceed your sales goals.  If you excel in sales, you will be noticed by upper management and will be promoted quickly to other jobs within the company. Who knows, you may one day be the branch manager, or even the bank president.

As A Bank Employee, You Need To Be Dependable!

As with any job, dependability is important to a prospective employer.  A successful candidate should be able to tout an excellent attendance and punctuality record.  Having dependable transportation isn't something you think about when you think of bank teller qualifications, but it is part of being dependable.  Having an unreliable car makes you unreliable.  Help yourself to become a reliable employee by taking care of what you have control over.  Keep your car in good working condition.  Plan you morning the night before.  Have your clothes washed and ironed and ready to go.  Save a bundle by making your lunch the night before and having it ready to go.  Get up 15 minutes earlier than you think is necessary to allow for any unexpected mishaps. All these tips will help you be an ideal employee. Being a dependable part of the team will not only make you valuable to the company, but it will help you move up quickly at the financial institution.

You Will Need To Be Efficient

A good employee can distinguish themselves from their co-workers by being efficient.  If you rush through helping your customers and then have to spend an hour at the end of the day correcting your mistakes, you will not make your boss happy.  Mistakes are expensive not only in time spent correcting them, but also in lost confidence of your customers when then receive a correction notice.  There is also a financial loss to either your company or to your customers when you make an undetectable mistake in paying out or receiving cash.  Make your life and everyone else’s easier.  Be efficient and do it right the first time!

Have A Good Attitude At Work

Have a good attitude! Smile, be friendly, like what you are doing and the people you work with.  No one wants to work with someone who has a negative attitude and who complains so, keep your emotions in check.  Your customers and co-workers will notice little things like attitude.  Joy and happiness is contagious.  You can bring some joy and a smile to the faces to those around you if you smile, are friendly and have a good attitude.

Education Requirements

In order to qualify to be a teller, you need to be a high school graduate or have your GED.  This is probably the easist bank teller qualification to meet. Keep in mind, the more education you have, the greater your value to the bank who hires you and the more money you will make and isn't that our ultimate goal?

There are schools for bank tellers available if you would like to get a head start on your teller training. Starting a new teller job can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn in a short amount of time before you are on your own to assit customers. Attending a bank teller school can give you the confidence you need to get off to a good start and succeed in your new career as a teller!

Will I Be Drug Tested?

Before becoming a teller, you will go through a careful screening process.  You can expect to be asked to submit to a routine drug test.  If you test positive for illegal drugs or controlled substances you can say goodbye to that coveted bank teller position. 

Do I Need To Be Bondable To Work At A Bank?

In addition to a clean drug test, an important teller qualification is to be bondable.  To be bondable, you need to have never been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust.  Federal law prevents the bank from hiring anyone who has been convicted of this type of crime.  Having been convicted of other types of crimes may also restrict your eligibility to be hired by the bank not only for a teller position, but other positions with the bank as well.

Summing It All Up

As you can see, bank teller qualifications are easy to achieve.  Have at least six months of cash handling experience, 6 months of customer service experience, have good communication skills, be dependable, be efficient, have a positive attitude, be a high school graduate or have your GED, be able to pass a routine drug test and be bondable. If you have these bank teller qualifications, you are well on your way to a teller job and if you want it, a long career in banking. Remember, bank teller qualifications vary from bank to bank. What is listed above is the typical bank teller qualification most banks use when looking to hire for a bank teller position.

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