Getting a promotion from a bank teller job is pretty easy if you have done a good job and are liked by your management team. The best way to be liked by your management team is to be a good employee. Come to work on time, or better yet, always come to work ten minutes early and be in your teller window with your cash ready to go a few minutes before your scheduled time. This shows your manager that you are a serious employee and want to do a good job. This is such an easy thing to do, but so many people slack off, donít care, or are lackadaisical on this one very important job requirement. Some bank tellers donít realize that by doing a good job, it makes their manager look good. If they do a bad job, it makes them look bad and you wonít likely advance in this position.

Donít Take Advantage Of Your Employer

Take your scheduled lunch and breaks, but donít take longer than you are suppose to. People notice! Management notices! Over time, this costs your employer a lot of money, especially if everyone is doing it. Set a good example for your team and donít take advantage of your employer by taking long lunches and breaks.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to what you are doing so you will balance at the end of the day. When you are out of balance, it takes time for you to sort through your transactions and find an outage. If other people are helping you look for your outage, that takes time also and time is money. It is always better if you do it right the first time. To ensure you will be in balance, count your money three times. Once when it comes out of your cash drawer, a second time to yourself and a third time when you count it to the customer. Look at the check, deposit or withdrawal slip to make sure the cash you are counting matches to the transaction. Counting your cash three times may seem like a lot, but you get into a rhythm and the customers wonít even notice. When you balance at the end of the day, you will be glad you made the extra effort.

Provide Excellent Service

Go the extra mile for your customer and provide them with the help they need so they donít have to come back in or call your manager. If you do well by your customers, they will do well by you. They will let your manager know that you provided good service or went the extra mile for them. They may even complete a customer comment card and put their gratitude in writing which is sometimes seen not only by your management team, but by upper management also.

Make sure you keep copies of any positive comments customers give you that are in writing. This is good fodder when it comes time for a review, when you want to ask for a salary increase, or when another job opens up that you want to apply for. When you apply for a job at another branch, or another bank, the hiring manager may not know you, so being able to provide positive comments that customers gave you will help them understand that you are a good employee and go the extra mile for your customers. Having positive comments in writing to provide to a hiring manager could make a difference in your getting the job or the job being given to another applicant, so make a file and keep them handy. If you ever have a customer verbally express their appreciation, ask them to put it in writing. Your customer comment file can never be too thick!

If you get a negative comment, learn from it. It isnít always easy to accept criticism, but take it in the spirit it was given and learn from it. There may be some truth to the comment, so take a deep breath and accept it as a gift. You donít have to agree with it, but a wise person would try and learn from it. Put it in your customer comment file and refer to it from time to time. Let it help you become a better employee.

Take Advantage Of Educational Courses

Take advantage of any training or any bank teller courses that are available. If the class is at night, after work, donít balk. It is only one night. When your review comes up or you apply for another position, it is a plus for you to be able to say you had this additional training. You can never go wrong by gaining additional knowledge. When you are at the class, take notes and share them with your co-workers that couldnít attend. Think about how you can apply what you are learning to your existing job. Your boss will appreciate how you have taken the initiative and be impressed with you.

Be Proactive In Your Training

Make a list of everything you want to learn and set a realistic goal of when you want to accomplish it. Let your manager know your goals and they will most likely try and make it happen. If it doesnít happen on your time frame, thatís ok, as long as you are moving forward. Once you have successfully completed your list, you will be one of the ďgo toĒ people at the branch and be valued even more. When there are opportunities for advancement, or when it is time for your review, you should be rewarded for your knowledge.

Donít Complain

Management doesnít like complainers. No one does. There is good and bad in every job. Focus on what you like and remember your long term goal of making a career at this company. It wonít be good for your career if you are labeled a complainer.

Inspire Others

Be a good role model for your co-workers. Keep your work area neat and tidy, be helpful to your coworkers and customers. Take on the jobs and customers no one else wants to do and you will be a hero to your management team. Do things without being asked like periodically wipe out the microwave and refrigerator in the break room or dust the lobby.

Have A Good Attitude

Have you ever heard that attitude is everything? Well, it is! Having a good attitude will help you get a bank teller promotion. People will notice you and will want to work with you and for you. Management will take notice of you and will want you to excel on their team and will want to promote you, hoping you will be a long term employee.

Use these tips on how to get a promotion from a teller job and you will be well on your way to getting a promotion and furthering your career in banking.

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