Bank teller jobs are great jobs to have! You get to interact with people from all walks of life and the work day goes by really fast. It is also a very satisfying job because you get to help people all day long with their various financial needs. To excel at this job, you need to be a people person! You need to enjoy working with the public, be empathic, helpful and have a pleasant disposition.

There are bank teller jobs available all over the country, and they are relatively easy to attain if you meet the minimum qualifications. The minimum job requirements of a bank teller typically are a high school diploma and being able to pass a background check. Having cash handling and customer service experience will help you land a job as a teller as well as be an asset to you if you want a career in banking. Bank teller jobs normally provide on the job training to teach you everything you need to know and get you off to a good start in your career in banking.

Having a job working at a bank is highly sought after for a number of reasons. It is a very respectable profession; you get to work inside and you get to help people with their banking needs. You are considered to be a very honest, trustworthy and dependable individual if you have a job at a bank. The fact that you worked at a bank will impress future employers should your line of work take you on a path outside of banking.

Are You Multi-Lingual?

If you speak a foreign language, you have an advantage over other candidates. Bankís hiring for bank teller jobs like to hire individuals who are multi-lingual and mimic the customer base. If you speak Chinese and the branch you want to work at is in a Chinese dominated area, you are in luck! This alone will increase your odds of being hired.

Stresses Of The Job

Having a job as a bank teller can be very stressful. There is always the possibility that you could get robbed. Not only that, but you always have to be on your guard and watch for people trying to pass bad checks or commit fraud. Sometimes your customers are victims of fraud themselves and unwittingly get caught up in a scheme to defraud the bank.

Part Time Bank Teller Jobs

If you are looking for a part-time job, a job as a part-time bank teller is a desirable job to have. Banks look for part-time employees to fill in during lunch hours and vacations, to work on Saturdays, to work later shifts at in-store branches as well as work during the busy times of the month. If you work part time, your hourly wage will be higher because part time employees typically doesnít receive benefits unless they are regularly scheduled to work more than 19 hours a week.

How To Get Promoted

Bank teller jobs are great jobs to start your career in banking. Once you have mastered this job, typically the next advancement would be to a new accounts position. The quickest way to advance to the this position is to excel at your bank teller job. Learn everything you can as quickly as you can and donít make mistakes. Be detail oriented. Pay attention! Be the go-to person when others need assistance. Be a team-player and help your co-workers when they need assistance. Donít waste time standing around making small talk with your co-workers. Find things to do! Do the jobs that no one else wants to do including tidying up the break-room and cleaning out the refrigerator. Get the cleaning products out and clean the front door or dust.

In addition, have a GREAT attitude!! Talk to your customers about additional products and services they could benefit from. Ask your boss is there is anything you can help them with. Doing all this will impress them and they will want to see you excel at your bank teller jobs, with their branch and with the bank! If you do all this, you will be a shining star and your boss will do everything they can to assist you in getting a promotion. If you do all this, upper management will take notice and put you on the fast track to a position with more responsibility that will pay you more money!

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