Preparing for your bank teller interview isn't scary or difficult. You want to go to the bank teller interview prepared and confident to increase your odds of getting a job offer. Preparation and confidence can be key in landing the job you want. Review these bank teller interview tips to make a good impression and give you the confidence you need to ace the interview!

Be Prepared

Go to the interview prepared. Have a copy of your teller resume and a copy of your references you can leave with the interviewer. Also, have a notepad and pen to jot down any notes yo may want to take. Few applicants do this and it will impress the interviewer that you are organized and are a serious candidate. Carry a professional portfolio to carry your paperwork in. You will also want to be prepared by having reviewed the interview questions page and know how you would answer them. Be prepared with three or four examples you can draw upon of compliments people have given you, things you are proud of and difficult situations you have turned around. Being able to talk about specifics that the interviewer can write down will go a long way in impressing them!

Research The Company

Research the company and know why you want to work for them. This will most likely come up in the interview and you will be well advised to have a good answer to this question. Research the competitors, the product lines the charities they contribute to. Being able to talk about these things knowledgeably will give you credibility and will impress the interviewer that you have done your homework!

If you have attended a bank teller school make sure you work that into the conversation. The interviewer will be impressed you took the initiative to learn about the job into your own hands. It shows that you would be a committed employee and a job candidate worthy of serious consideration.

Be Confident!

You know how to dress for the bank teller interview, you smell good, you have your handshake down, and you have arrived in plenty of time. You have done your research, practiced your responses to the sample interview questions, have a copy of your resume and your references ready for the interviewer. This is your time to shine. Be confident, not cocky and you will do well in your interview!

Closing the Interview

At the end of the interview, be enthusiastic and restate your interest in the position and state several reasons why you think you would be the best candidate for their bank teller job. It would be a good time to restate that you are looking for a career with the company and not just a job. Thank the interviewer for their time and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them in the near future.

Donít be discouraged if an immediate offer isnít made. The interviewer most likely has other applicants to interview and second interviews may need to be held with the hiring manager.

Assess The Interview

Immediately After the Interview Ask Yourself These Questions:

What did I do well in this bank teller interview?

What should I have said or done differently?

If I was the interviewer, would I honestly hire me? If not why?

What skills, training or experience do I need to acquire to be a better candidate for future bank teller jobs?

Take advantage of the interview experience and learn from it. Become a better applicant and you will undoubtedly have a job offer in your near future!

Send A Thank You Note

Hand write a thank you note to the interviewer. This personal touch shows you are thoughtful and considerate. Too few applicants follow through with this gesture and it can make a difference in who gets the job offer and who doesnít.

Ask For Suggestions

If you donít receive this job offer, ask the hiring manager for suggestions on what would help you be a more successful candidate. Restate your interest in the company and let them know you will work on gaining the necessary skills to become a successful candidate and you will be watching for future opportunities with their organization.

I hope these bank teller interview tips are helpful to you in your job search. Review these interview tips before any upcoming interview to ensure you are prepared, confident and you are projecting the professional image you want to covey, standing out above all other applicants!

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