Creating a bank teller cover letter can be a little daunting, but certainly worth the effort when the end result is securing a bank teller (also known as a bank clerk or cashier) job. When you send a resume to a prospective employer, it is expected that a cover letter will be included. A cover letter gives the prospective employer a glimpse of you and your work history without having to review your resume. If they like what they see in the cover letter, then a thorough review of your resume is warranted.

A bank teller cover letter should be no more than three or four paragraphs. Realize that the hiring manager may receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters to review each week. Make yours stand out by making it interesting, but not to long. Write your bank teller cover letter so the hiring manager will be anxious to look at your resume.

A bank teller cover letter will let the prospective employer know what position you are applying for, your formal education, a statement on why they should hire you, strengths you possess that would benefit the bank and any awards you may have won that are business oriented. The cover letter should end with a statement indicating you would appreciate an opportunity to speak with them about their job opening and how your skills would benefit them.

Write a custom cover letter for each job you are applying for. Yes, it is time consuming, but it is worthwhile to be able to show each prospective employer why you are a good match. If you don’t write a custom cover letter, you may miss something which if noticed by the recruiter, implies you are applying for a different position with a different company. This will not leave a good impression and could imply you won’t stick with the company and/or may label you as lazy and not thorough before you ever even meet. In addition, a generic cover letter won’t be as interesting to read and won’t be as effective in securing an interview.

Tips In Writing A Cover Letter:

Be careful not to include to many I statements. Instead of saying "I like helping customers", say something like "Helping customers is enjoyable and makes me feel proud of what I do". Your bank teller cover letter should look professional and its recommended you use the same quality paper as your bank teller resume.

Use action words such as achieved, surpassed, managed, increased, improved, accomplished, etc. Action words are both descriptive and powerful. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Make sure you know who your cover letter is going to and is personally addressed to them. If the job posting doesn’t say who the contact person is, call the company. If the posting specifically says “no phone calls”, address the letter to “Dear Hiring Manager”.

Describe how your training and background fill the requirements of the job. Talk about your key achievements and accomplishments which sets you apart from other applicants and gives you value. Refer to your enclosed resume in your cover letter. If you were referred by someone specific, mention their name. If you attended a school for bank tellers, this would be a good place to mention it. Ask for an interview once you have highlighted your strengths. Make it easy for the recruiter to respond to you. Include your phone number and the best time to call you. Remember, a good cover letter gets you to the next level-an interview.

Make your cover letter easy to read. Use a business block style format and a business font style like Times New Roman, Georgia, or Arial. Use a standard twelve point font size. Don’t say anything negative or make demands in your cover letter. Do not bring up the bank teller salary unless the posting specifically asks you to include your salary requirements.

End your bank teller cover letter with “Sincerely” and your name. Don’t forget to sign your cover letter. Mail your cover letter and resume in a manila envelope, not a standard legal size envelope. Yes, it costs a little more for the envelope and postage but it makes your information easier to read when it isn’t folded up like an accordion! It also makes you out to be a more serious applicant.

Review the bank teller cover letter and resume several times slowly to ensure you haven’t missed any details and you have correct spelling and grammar. Review it, set it down for awhile and then review it again. It is always a good idea to have at least one or two other people also review the resume and cover letter. It is amazing what a person can miss, especially if they are the one who wrote it.

Once you have secured an interview, review the teller interview questions page to help you prepare for the interview.

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